About Us

At Came to Pass Sober Living, we will help our clients gain physical sobriety and create a life in recovery that has a free-flowing balance into the world. Our goal is to create a lifestyle and a set of values that organically transfers to life after recovery.

With the help of 12 step meetings, individual mentors and mental health professionals our clients will gain acceptance of their illness, be educated about their addiction and be given a means to a solution. Followed by education and implementation of spiritual practices, physical fitness and nutrition.

Through this process an estimable character is formed. A person of integrity, courage, and one who is able to persevere with a level of humility and empathy. With this comes the ability to rebuild families, repair torn relationships and the adeptness to be of service to others.

Came to Pass programs are simple, but our clients are not. We know that an individual’s life is going to be different when they leave our programs, that is why were are here to help our clients create a vision & establish a formula for their life of balance that is transferable after their stay.