Our Team

At Came to Pass Residential Treatment Center, our team is highly qualified, well-rounded, and compassionate. We are confident in our ability to complete our mission: creating individualized recovery plans that promote long term sobriety.

Suzanne Botello

Our Team - Suzanne Botello

Suzanne Botello, PhD, LPC is a licensed psychologist in the Employee Assistance and Wellness program at Northern Arizona University. Using the fundamentals of self psychology, Carl Jung, Expressive Arts in Therapy, Narrative Therapy and Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy. Suzanne has specialized in chemical dependency counseling, crisis intervention and family counseling. The use of expressive arts in conjuction with conventional evidence-based practices are used to provide a comprehensive and effective treatment. Dr. Botello is an Arizona Licensed Psychologist and Professional Counselor, as well as being a Nationally Certified Counselor and a National Distance Certified Counselor.

Graciela Del Moral

Our Team - Graciela Moral

Graciela del Moral’s (co-founder of Came to Pass Residential Treatment Center) recovery journey began in 2007 when she moved from Southern Mexico to Flagstaff, Az. After being introduced to the recovery community Graciela quickly realized that the key to staying sober involved changing everything about her self in order to better her life. Consistent participation in 12 step recovery (Alcoholics Anonymous) played an important role in her early sobriety and still does today. Getting a sponsor and working the 12 steps not only allowed her to stay sober but also allowed her to discover her true passion, helping others.

After becoming acquainted with recovery Graciela became aware that living a sober life didn’t just mean abstinence from drugs and alcohol. It meant that other habits would have to change as well. Eating well and having a balanced diet, meditation, yoga and exercise complemented her recovery process. It was at this point that she realized freedom from drugs and alcohol had truly brought her happiness.

Graciela knew she had to share her success with others. She then co-founded a successful treatment facility that she ran for six years. Her experience allowed for a full time job of being of maximum service to those who suffered from alcoholism and addiction on a daily basis. She found herself picking up clients from the airport, selecting choice food to facilitate a healthy lifestyle, scheduling activities in the facility, hiring professionals best suited to help patients and lastly being personally available to participate in clients recovery process from struggle to success. Over the years Graciela helped hundreds of alcoholics and addicts become acquainted with the recovery community and have all the necessary tools to establish a clean and sober life.

After six years, she decided to pursue other interests. It wasn’t long before Graciela realized that helping addicts and alcoholics recover from a hopeless state of mind and body wasn’t just her calling, it made her feel alive. Her moment of clarity led to the birth of Came to Pass Sober Living and Recovery Project.

“I’ve seen success, and I’ve seen failure. From my personal experience and from watching others struggle with addiction, I’ve developed a program offering an affordable alternative to typical drug and alcohol treatment. My team is highly qualified, well rounded and compassionate. We are confident in our ability to complete our mission; creating individualized recovery plans that promote long term sobriety.”

Jennifer Young-Cott

Our Team - Jennifer Young-Cott

Jennifer Young-Cott is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who is board certified by the American Nursing Credentialing Center. As well, she is licensed to practice independently as an advanced practice nurse in the state of Arizona by the Arizona Board of Nursing.

Evaluation for substance and/or mental health challenges, and the subsequent prescribing of medications or other helpful assistance is her specialty. The impact of diet on the brain and mental well-being are also taken into account.

Obtaining a masters in nursing from the University of Utah in 1999, Jennifer later completed a post-masters certification as a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Training therapy dogs is a more recent interest of Jennifer’s and she has acquired her first “therapist” Mavis, a yellow Labrador Retriever.

Shannon Arnett

Our Team - Shannon Arnett

Shannon Arnett is the Director of Inner Peace Facilitation and Training, LLC and a Quality of Life Advocate and Network Professional with Further Shore Inc.  She holds her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, and her Certification as an Energy Health Practitioner. She is also a Registered 500 Hour Yoga Teacher through the Yoga Alliance.  Since 2000, she has integrated her training in psychology, eastern traditions, mindfulness, somatic experiencing, and energy anatomy for clients and groups from all walks of life toward living well and navigating change with dignity and support.  Her clients involve community and corporate organizations, 12-step and like minded programs, teams in non-profit sectors and higher education, those enduring PTSD and facing major loss/change at any age, and those simply seeking greater peace. She unconditionally honors and holds space for each client’s perspective, mirroring innate wisdom and strengths in each group and individual as cornerstones for healing and transformation.  She is continually humbled and honored to witness the profound strength of the human spirit through so many circumstances of challenge, suffering, and freedom. Yoga is a core component of her life’s work and practice with students, clients, and her own journey.

Casey Rose

Our Team - Casey Rose

Casey Rose’s contribution to Came to Pass is invaluable. He has extensive knowledge about addiction and recovery, much of it gained through his own direct experience. Casey credits his sobriety to humility and the acceptance of his past, which allows him to be open and honest with the people close to him about his own challenges. Casey is an avid and passionate Crossfitter and a walking example of how Crossfit is not just a place to achieve high level fitness, but how it is also a community of true friendship and support. Within this community, Casey has gained a high level understanding of nutrition and athletics. Casey shares his love of fitness as a trainer through Steves Club Flagstaff, a nation-wide non-profit program which provides at-risk Flagstaff youth access to Crossfit training.