Welcome Letter and Guide for Our New Patients

Welcome to the Came to Pass Sober Living facility and thank you for choosing us as your provider for your rehab process. Our primary goal is to provide you with the tools and expertise to develop a holistic life change without addictive behaviors. Our warm and welcoming staff will be here through your entire journey and is eager to help in any way possible.

What to Know About the Admission Process:

The admission process for Came to Pass Sober Living Recovery is the first step to your rehab process. The information provided below will guide you through everything you want and need to know before your arrival. If any specific questions arise through the admission process, please contact our Admissions Coordinator for assistance.

Application, Payment, and Intake Process

Written application:

You will be asked to complete the written application through the link below. This needs to be completed as soon as possible to expedite the admission process. When completed, please email the form to the Admissions Coordinator.


Telephone interview:

Once your written application has been reviewed, our Licensed Therapist will call to set up the time and date for a telephone intake. During the 35 to 45 minute intake, our team will discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have. During the telephone intake, we will also discuss the payment options. After the telephone intake, our team will reach out to you with the timeline, expected dates, and explain your rehab program in detail.

During this phase, we appreciate your patience as the entire process may take a few days. In order to provide you with the best possible care, our team needs time to coordinate internally prior to your arrival.

Welcome to Our Facility

Following the admission process, you will be welcomed with open arms to our facility. Found below are some things to expect on your first day and what to bring.

What to Expect on Your First Day:

When you arrive at Came to Pass, your orientation will include a welcome meeting, luggage search, completion of release and consent forms, and a tour of the facility. You will have a medical assessment, a nutritional consultation, and a psychiatric evaluation. As part of your individualized treatment plan, you will be given an exercise routine.

What is Flagstaff Like? What to Expect About the Local Community:

Flagstaff, Arizona is high mountain forest country. At 7,000 feet elevation, expect to enjoy four distinct seasons. Temperatures in the Summer are 80F and above, cooling off at night. The lowest Winter temperatures are around 10F with snowfall. Fall and Spring allows for the excitement of “anything in between” with the possibility of snow, wind and rain.

What to Bring:

Required supplies:

  • Alarm clock
  • Watch (nothing expensive)
  • Toiletries (full size shampoo, conditioner, styling product, shaving cream, body lotion, and razor)
  • Please bring at least a one-week supply of medications (that you are currently taking), in the original pharmaceutical container. Do not bring medications or supplements you are not currently taking, and do not bring samples.
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Day pack or small backpack
  • Your insurance card

Luggage and linens:

  • Came to Pass will supply new bedding (pillow, sheets, comforter, and mattress liner); 1 set of bath towels,  and 1 clothes hamper. Clients may bring 1 extra set of sheets (standard twin); 1 extra blanket; 1 extra pillow; and a foam mattress topper.
  • You will be sharing a room so we ask for items to be limited to two large duffle bags/suitcases or 1 large footlocker size
  • We suggest approximately a two week supply of clothing

Daytime attire:

  • Life skills and meetings are held Monday-Friday, requiring business casual attire
  • We have found that bringing 4-5 business casual outfits (polo style collar shirts, jeans, dress shorts, outdoor pants, 1 long sleeve button-down dress shirt, and 1 tie) will be the perfect amount for your stay

Night or weekends attire:

Be sure to bring casual attire for weeknights, weekends, and activities. This includes:

  • Casual shirts (long and short sleeve, such as t-shirts)
  • Workout clothes
  • Pajamas
  • Swim suit
  • Jackets (1 light and 1 heavy)
  • Sweater
  • Socks
  • Beach towel
  • Athletic shoes, loafers, flip-flops, and sandals (1 of each)
  • Gloves (winter)

Optional items:

  • IPod nano or classic MP3 player that does not have Internet connectivity
  • Extra set of sheets, towels, blanket, mattress pad (Came to Pass will provide 1 new set of each)
  • Photos from home
  • Sleeping bag and hiking boots
  • A reading book (will be subject to approval)
  • Cell phone, tablet, and/or laptop (allowed in phase # 3, upon authorization)
  • Cigarettes allowed upon move in, 1 carton (this is a one time request). There will be the ability to purchase more later on in the program.
  • E-cigarettes with  up to 8 weeks supply of e-cigarette liquid)

What to Not Bring:

  • Drug or alcohol-related clothing and posters
  • Body piercings (pierced ears are ok)
  • Drugs, alcohol, and any related paraphernalia
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Music with violent, suggestive, or obscene theme or lyrics
  • Laxatives, candy bars, diet pills, sweeteners, magazines, or anything that could pose as a danger to yourself or others
  • Clients should not bring anything of value, either sentimental or financial. For the safety of your property, no single item brought should be valued over $150.00
  • To keep Came to Pass a safe place for all residents and staff, we will search your luggage and take items that you will not need during your stay with us. These items will be stored in a “Contraband” container or destroyed if thought to be an obstacle to your recovery
  • We request $150.00 cash upon admission for medication co-pays and your medical insurance card. You are also responsible for the cost of any supplements, labs, herbs, and special outside consultations recommended by our staff. A credit card needs to be on file with our business office. We ask you to not have access to your own money/debit card/credit card/gift cards, etc. other than what is on file with our business office

If you have additional questions and want to speak to a counselor please call us at 928-864-9702 or complete the inquiry form in the contact portion of our website, we would love to help you with any and all steps of this process. All information will be kept strictly confidential.