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Earth Day and Recovery

Here at Came To Pass, we often discuss our holistic approach to recovery, which we refer to as an attempt at healing mind, body, & spirit. With Earth Day happening this week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight what we…

Team Member Spotlight: Casey Rose

Casey Rose is one of Came to Pass' two co-founders (along with Graciela Del Moral), and his contributions to Came to Pass are invaluable. He has extensive knowledge about addiction and recovery, much of it gained through his own direct experience. Casey credits his sobriety to humility and the acceptance of his past, which allows him to be open and honest with the people close to him about his own challenges....

Why Community Service is Vital for Successful Recovery (Our View)

"We at Came To Pass hope that our residents, (and anyone fighting addiction) can come to understand volunteering as a way to give back to their community and to themselves. "

Proud to be "Holistic"

“The well-planned, balanced meals offered at holistic treatment centers are viewed as an essential part of addiction recovery and long-term abstinence [from alcohol use].”

The Mother of Youth in Recovery Gives Us All a Dose of Hope

National Recovery Month is a great time to celebrate the healing that can happen when substance abuse treatment is in action. Here is a text from one resident's mother, after their family therapy session.
Came to Pass Sober Living

New Addiction Recovery Center Opens in Flagstaff, Arizona

We are thrilled to announce that Came to Pass is now officially open for recovery!!