Earth Day and Recovery

Here at Came To Pass, we often discuss our holistic approach to recovery, which we refer to as an attempt at healing mind, body, & spirit. With Earth Day happening this week, we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight what we see as another vital part of any recovery journey, cultivating a sense of adventure and a connection to nature.

While many people feel that time spent outside is therapeutic, there is actually something unique for those in addiction recovery to gain from this idea.

San Clemente, California : view from the highway of the ocean and a big light blue sky and a few hills
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

Numerous studies (including this one from the University of Illinois at Chicago) have shown that relapse rates were significantly lowered for addiction recovery patients who had therapeutic camping experiences integrated into their relapse prevention activities. The study admits that there is only a limited amount of research on the topic, but stands firm in its scientific support for the positive affects of adding outdoor adventures to any substance abuse treatment plan.

We also believe that adding this element to our addiction recovery program is especially meaningful in the opportunities that it provides to our residents.

Due to the many challenges that often come along with life during active addiction, just being able to freely travel can be a new experience for many in recovery.

Came To Pass Co-Founder Casey Rose, doing a handstand on the beach in  San Clemente, California
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

Graciela (Came To Pass co-founder) explained that, aside from finding new beauty, inspiration, and motivation, our activities in nature offer great ways to exercise our minds, bodies, and new skills like mountain biking, outdoor cooking, etc.

Came To Pass residents setting up tents outside in the sunshine of San Clemente, California
Photos from March 2019 CTP camping trip to San Clemente, CA

It is with these thoughts and images in mind that we hope you enjoy the outdoors to the fullest, this Earth Day, and any time that you can!

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about Came To Pass and our unique approaches to substance abuse treatment, contact us!

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Thank You!

-Jasmine J. (and the entire CTP team)

Team Member Spotlight: Casey Rose

Casey Rose is one of Came to Pass’ two co-founders (along with Graciela Del Moral), and his contributions to Came to Pass are invaluable. He has extensive knowledge about addiction and recovery, much of it gained through his own direct experience.

Side Note >>>>>>>>>>  TODAY IS CASEY’S BIRTHDAY! If you see him around, be sure to wish him well!! 

 Casey credits his sobriety to humility and the acceptance of his past, which allows him to be open and honest with the people close to him about his own challenges. He is so consistently genuine in conversation. Once, while I was interviewing Casey for a promotional video, he was answering every question with such heartfelt sincerity that I had to stop him and say, “Casey, please, I need you to stop giving me the warm and fuzzies.” *Spoiler* he didn’t stop. 

Screenshot from an Instagram post showing that the Came To Pass Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was featured in Flagstaff's local newspaper, the AZ Daily Sun. The photo shows Casey Rose and Graciela Del Moral standing together  in the big beautiful dining room of their newly opened recovery center.
The Came To Pass Grand Opening featured in the Arizona Daily Sun

I asked Casey what he liked best about his job. He said: 

“The thing I love the most is to see when guys gain sobriety (which is aways good), but then the blessings just go so far beyond that…When they start to gain really good relationships with their own body, and their own spirituality, and I see those things start to be a part of who they are, it’s super special.”

-Casey Rose (2018)

I also asked him, “What do you in particular have to contribute to someone else’s journey to healthy, long-term sobriety goals? He answered, “Getting sober did not come easy for me… so, I was kind-of like that kid that repeated the 3rd grade over and over. I knew the material, but when it came time for the big test, I would fail. So, I made a lot of mistakes in early recovery. I’m super well aware of, when I see mistakes, being able to point them out and being able to relate my own experiences and how they didn’t serve me well. So, I know the material of early recovery really well and I think I’m able to pass that on to our guys [in a really meaningful way].”

I asked Casey what compelled him, and Graciela, to found a recovery center that focuses on being holistic, comprehensive, individualized, and affordable

Casey Skateboarding
Casey Skateboarding at Flagstaff’s Skatepark

“When we started this, we really wanted to offer affordable recovery, and [we were] well aware that there are a lot of recovery centers out there that were doing basically the same thing as we were doing and charging a lot more for it. ” He continued:

“I truly believe in my heart that recovery doesn’t have to be so expensive. I believed [in founding Came To Pass] that there was a way that we could offer a quality recovery, at a fraction of the cost of what other people were charging.” 

He went on to explain how individualized care, designed to help mind, body, and spirit grow, and affordability, actually go hand in hand at Came To Pass. “Our goal is not to keep someone here for X amount of time, so that we receive X amount of dollars. Our goal is individualized treatment – meaning to treat each person, as they come in, at the pace that they need to get healthy again.” 

Casey Rose doing Crossfit
Casey Rose at Flagstaff Crossfit – one of his long time passions

Casey is an avid and passionate Crossfit-er, and a walking example of how Crossfit Flagstaff (CFF) is not just a place to achieve high levels of fitness, but how it is also a community of true friendship and support. Within this community, Casey has gained a new understanding of nutrition and athletics. Casey shares his love of fitness as a trainer through Steve’s Club Flagstaff, a nation-wide non-profit program, which provides at-risk Flagstaff youth access to Crossfit training.

Obviously, there would be no Came To Pass without Casey Rose. He is both an asset and a gift, who reminds us exactly how special recovery is to every single person who has ever overcome an addiction. To see one of his lovely reactions in-action, click below to watch Casey Rose as he explains the beautiful reason that we are called “Came To Pass”:

Casey Rose Co-Founder of Came To Pass

As always, we are so grateful for your interest in learning more about Came To Pass! Thank you for reading and for more information, please reach out! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – and subscribe to this blog! 


Jasmine Jewell – on behalf of the entire Came To Pass Team <3 !

Why Community Service is Vital for Successful Recovery (Our View)

The Role of Community Service in Holistic Recovery Programs:

There are many different strategies taken by addiction treatment centers in trying to help alcohol and substance abuse addicts through recovery. Many of these approaches rely on very “traditional” 12-step program tactics that can be effective, but (alone) they can also alienate people who don’t usually thrive in classic-teaching style settings. Other strategies include work / job skills training,  traditional therapy treatments, nutritional counseling. Today, we will focus on one in particular: a commitment to community service.

Why Community Service? 

While we are proud of many of our unique and individualized treatment programs here at Came To Pass, we chose community service for this post specifically; Not only as an effective part of our holistic recovery approach, but also as a valuable part of what ties us to the Flagstaff community. 

While Came To Pass certainly did not invent the idea of having recovering addicts do community service as a part of their re-entry program, we wanted to speak about our first hand experience of how and why it can be such a special part of working towards a sober life. 

What People Who Study Addiction Say:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration logo

 SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) has outlined four main life-concept-categories that are necessary to support a life in recovery. And, this idea of Community Service actually helps build strength in at least two of them:

  •  Purpose (conducting meaningful daily activities) and 
  • Community (having relationships and social resources to participate in society and grow with others in friendship, love, and hope).

To clarify, this means that people in the heart of studying recovery and new ways to help people who struggle with addiction, overwhelmingly agree that adding community service participation to any addiction treatment program, increases the chances of success for those participants. 

CTP Resident doing their part on an emergency food box assembly line

CTP Resident doing their part on an emergency food box assembly line

The Heart of the Matter:

Lastly, on a personal level, our Came to Pass Co-Founder, Graciela DeMoral, shared some very insightful thoughts by explaining some of the thinking and feelings of recovering addicts behind why and how this method can be helpful to them in any recovery program.

In her own words: 

“[During active addiction, addicts have a tendency to be “takers” [from society] and feel conflicted and remorseful about it. Whether they literally steal monetarily from their family and friends, or if they’ve taken advantage in other ways through their poor, addiction driven choices (i.e. robbing friends and family of sleep, peace of mind, etc.)… [With that in mind], our goal is that by volunteering in the community, residents obtain a healthy boost of self-worth, and self-forgiveness for the wreckage in their past…If anything, we at least know that the act of giving back provides a natural sense of accomplishment. And, those feelings must be cherished and constantly added up in order to re-build a new and healthier life in recovery.” 

-Graciela DeMoral (2018)

Grace also speaks about the progress she’s seen, right before her eyes, (at least in part) due to the community service work of our residents. And she adds that, while some addicts may be working towards recovery on their own (outside of a treatment facility), they too may want to consider these ideas about volunteering. Community service is, of course, never a bad idea to add to a list of possible new hobbies, and healthier activities to participate in.

Flagstaff Family Food Bank where Came to Pass residents frequently volunteer

Front View of Flagstaff Family Food Bank on Huntington Drive


Giving Back in Action at Came to Pass:

Considering all of this data, Came to Pass (CTP) residents volunteer for approximately 3-6 hours per day, Monday’s & Friday’s.  Most often they do so at the Flagstaff Family Food Center (see photo above). It usually involves directly assembling, packing, and even helping to distribute emergency food boxes to Flagstaff families in need. One CTP resident told me he doesn’t mind it, because, “it’s better than sleeping or doing nothing (which is what I’d usually be doing if I was just at home this time of day), and it actually even feels like you’re helping someone, which is pretty awesome”



 CTP resident volunteering at a local food bank

Another CTP resident helps breakdown pallets that are no longer needed, so that the scrap lumber can be donated


Lastly, for Flagstaff, this means Endless Opportunities to Connect and Collaborate!

While Flagstaff Family Food Center is the main Flagstaff community volunteering partnership that  we have at the moment, we are always interested in forming new relationships! So, if you happen to be a part of a local non-profit that you think may fit well with some recovering volunteers, please don’t hesitate to contact us, here! We are always the ways that we can be involved in more communal and public-service-based projects, here in Northern Arizona. 

In Conclusion?

All in all, we at Came To Pass hope that our residents, (and anyone fighting addiction) can come to understand volunteering as a way to contribute back to their community and to themselves. 

As the healing of recovery can be a long road, we encourage all who are struggling to try adding this community service piece as a means to increase their self confidence, and feel a small opportunity towards making “universal amends”, because ultimately their healing, is also the world’s healing. You know?  

As always, thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to comment below, and subscribe to get more tips, updates, and insights, as Came to Pass continues our journey as a new Flagstaff community member. 

Thank you again.

Jasmine Jewell

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Proud to be “Holistic”

What does “Holistic Recovery” mean?

        A Health News article came out earlier this year from Healthline called, “How Nutritional Therapy Is Helping People Overcome Alcohol Addiction” . In it, author Marsha McCulloch (an MD herself), sites over 30 studies and a half a dozen other physicians currently working in the field of addiction recovery. If you’re into the science of gut bacteria, neurotransmitters, and how genetic mutations can effect digestion and brain function, you should really give it a read!

Neurotransmitter Deficiencies by

But! Regardless of your feelings on all of that, we wanted to share this article for one reason. This beautiful sentence is our favorite:

“The well-planned, balanced meals offered at holistic treatment centers are viewed as an essential part of addiction recovery and long-term abstinence [from alcohol use].”
Why? Because it’s soooooo truuuuuuuue!
          Here at Came to Pass Recovery we are INCREDIBLY proud to be, one of those “holistic treatment centers” that view good nutrition as a vital part of any successful addiction treatment program. We plan, shop for, and cook, all of our own meals together, with our residents! So, we are not all just eating healthy food, we are building healthy habits.
Dinner on a Tuesday
      We would love to share more of what we do and how we do it with you! If you are ready for recovery or would like more information, give us a call: (928) 864-9702. Also, please consider subscribing to this blog to get more updates! It is our sincere hope that someday you will look back and be able to say that your struggles with addiction Came To Pass. 
           Yours Truly,
~The Entire Came to Pass Recovery Team
Breakfast on a Saturday

The Mother of Youth in Recovery Gives Us All a Dose of Hope

Drug and alcohol addiction is a pain well known by the hearts of many in the U.S. and around the world.  The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 115 Americans die a day due to an opioid overdose. In fact, chances are, you know someone who has been hurt by this, or some other form of addiction. Even if you haven’t met them personally, you know their loved ones, their friends, and those they too often leave behind, because, as the Pew Research Center Reports: “

“Nearly half of Americans have a family member or close friend who’s been addicted to drugs”

But in these dark times, filled with stigma around seeking necessary treatment for problems like addiction, we must seek out, cherish, and share widely those small doses of hope. Here at Came To Pass Residential Treatment Center, we often say, “We do recovery, and we do it together. And we have some encouraging things to share:

1. Treatment is not only possible, it’s becoming more and more accessible, too. According to the Center for Disease Control, more and more of those who need help, are finally getting it: “An estimated 2.2 million persons in the U.S. in 2017 reported that they had received [some sort of] treatment in the past year to reduce or stop their illicit drug use.”   Though these numbers are still nowhere near ideal, improvement is improvement, and that’s something !

2. September is National Recovery Month!  (*Note* you can find recovery month awareness events in your area by clicking here) and the theme this year is, “Join the Voices for Recovery: Invest in Health, Home, Purpose, and Community.” That makes it an even better time to celebrate the healing that happens when substance abuse treatment is in action.

3. One of our co-founders, Graciela DeMoral, received this inspiring text message. A family came to visit & have a therapy session with one of our current residents. The next morning, their mother sent Graciela this:

Remember, if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction or mental health distress, recovery is possible. They are not alone. You are not alone. With love and support, someday, you can say that this all Came To Pass.

New Addiction Recovery Center Opens in Flagstaff, Arizona



           Woohoo! We are thrilled to announce that we are now open for recovery!! Our ribbon cutting celebration (6/27/18) was well attended, fun, and covered by our local newspaper the Arizona Daily Sun (you can read the full article here). Furthermore, we were humbled by the attendance of Flagstaff Vice-Mayor, Jamie Whelan, along with many other generous supporters, recovery partners, and the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.

The overall message from the co-founders Graciela De Moral and Casey Rose is, of course, “THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!”

           We are now serving young-adult males, ages 18-35. Also, we are excited to be operational in our newly remodeled/converted space! It’s a spacious 3,000 sq.ft., and it can accommodate up to 6 residents at a time. 

              In addition, Came to Pass is proud to be licensed as the 4th residential addiction-recovery center in Flagstaff. The other 3 are: Back2Basics Outdoor Adventure Recovery, The Guidance Center, and Southwest Behavioral and Health Services.

               Thank you again to everyone who helped make this happen! And, please stay tuned! We will be updating you as we continue to learn, grow, and recover, TOGETHER! Here’s to new beginnings! 


              ~the Came To Pass Team