Our Phases

Phase I. – Getting Started: Develop a strong foundation without drugs/alcohol

  • Remove all mind-altering substances and maintain a drug/alcohol free environment
  • Practice of the daily routine with the intention of promoting mental and physical well being
  • Assignment of household responsibilities
  • Recovery through Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings, Sponsorship, 12-Step work
  • Traditional & Group psychotherapy
  • Goal Setting
  • Community Service/Involvement

Phase II. – Moving forward: Amends and future planning

  •      Reflection on Disfunctional behaviors
  •      Mending relationships
  •      Goal review-education, vocation, employment
  •      Money management

Phase III. – Maintaining a balanced and sober life

  •      Consistency in responsibilities
  •      Working with newcomers in the recovery community
  •      Concrete aftercare plan