Our Schedule

The Came to Pass program functions around daily and weekly routines. For example:


Residents begin the day by taking time to become aware of their own thoughts and feelings – and how those thoughts and feelings influence their choices. They also attend daily 12 step meetings and have scheduled times for meeting with their sponsor, reading and writing. Down time is also made available, whether to read, do laundry, journal, work on an art project, call a family member, watch a movie or listen to music.


The week starts with meal planning, grocery shopping , and a nutrition lecture. Meals are planned and prepared as a group, with clients and staff.

Physical activity takes place throughout the week. Every other day we  participate in CrossFit, while the off days spent practicing yoga with our expert instructor Shannon Arnett. There is running practice with Team Run Flagstaff on Tuesdays and also a volunteer run with adoption dogs from Coconino Humane Association. During the weekends, we take it outdoors for hikes, canyoneering, mountain biking, trail running and occasionally a backpacking trip, surfing trip or river trip.

Traditional individual therapy and group therapy is provided weekly with Dr. Suzanne Botello. Process groups are scheduled twice per week to share struggles and concerns. Mentor meeting is a biweekly service; offered to stay on track with themes such as education, vocation, job application, budget, and general goal setting. An art class and relapse prevention program is also a biweekly part of Came to Pass curriculum.