Team Member Spotlight: Casey Rose

Casey Rose is one of Came to Pass’ two co-founders (along with Graciela Del Moral), and his contributions to Came to Pass are invaluable. He has extensive knowledge about addiction and recovery, much of it gained through his own direct experience.

Side Note >>>>>>>>>>  TODAY IS CASEY’S BIRTHDAY! If you see him around, be sure to wish him well!! 

 Casey credits his sobriety to humility and the acceptance of his past, which allows him to be open and honest with the people close to him about his own challenges. He is so consistently genuine in conversation. Once, while I was interviewing Casey for a promotional video, he was answering every question with such heartfelt sincerity that I had to stop him and say, “Casey, please, I need you to stop giving me the warm and fuzzies.” *Spoiler* he didn’t stop. 

Screenshot from an Instagram post showing that the Came To Pass Ribbon Cutting Ceremony was featured in Flagstaff's local newspaper, the AZ Daily Sun. The photo shows Casey Rose and Graciela Del Moral standing together  in the big beautiful dining room of their newly opened recovery center.
The Came To Pass Grand Opening featured in the Arizona Daily Sun

I asked Casey what he liked best about his job. He said: 

“The thing I love the most is to see when guys gain sobriety (which is aways good), but then the blessings just go so far beyond that…When they start to gain really good relationships with their own body, and their own spirituality, and I see those things start to be a part of who they are, it’s super special.”

-Casey Rose (2018)

I also asked him, “What do you in particular have to contribute to someone else’s journey to healthy, long-term sobriety goals? He answered, “Getting sober did not come easy for me… so, I was kind-of like that kid that repeated the 3rd grade over and over. I knew the material, but when it came time for the big test, I would fail. So, I made a lot of mistakes in early recovery. I’m super well aware of, when I see mistakes, being able to point them out and being able to relate my own experiences and how they didn’t serve me well. So, I know the material of early recovery really well and I think I’m able to pass that on to our guys [in a really meaningful way].”

I asked Casey what compelled him, and Graciela, to found a recovery center that focuses on being holistic, comprehensive, individualized, and affordable

Casey Skateboarding
Casey Skateboarding at Flagstaff’s Skatepark

“When we started this, we really wanted to offer affordable recovery, and [we were] well aware that there are a lot of recovery centers out there that were doing basically the same thing as we were doing and charging a lot more for it. ” He continued:

“I truly believe in my heart that recovery doesn’t have to be so expensive. I believed [in founding Came To Pass] that there was a way that we could offer a quality recovery, at a fraction of the cost of what other people were charging.” 

He went on to explain how individualized care, designed to help mind, body, and spirit grow, and affordability, actually go hand in hand at Came To Pass. “Our goal is not to keep someone here for X amount of time, so that we receive X amount of dollars. Our goal is individualized treatment – meaning to treat each person, as they come in, at the pace that they need to get healthy again.” 

Casey Rose doing Crossfit
Casey Rose at Flagstaff Crossfit – one of his long time passions

Casey is an avid and passionate Crossfit-er, and a walking example of how Crossfit Flagstaff (CFF) is not just a place to achieve high levels of fitness, but how it is also a community of true friendship and support. Within this community, Casey has gained a new understanding of nutrition and athletics. Casey shares his love of fitness as a trainer through Steve’s Club Flagstaff, a nation-wide non-profit program, which provides at-risk Flagstaff youth access to Crossfit training.

Obviously, there would be no Came To Pass without Casey Rose. He is both an asset and a gift, who reminds us exactly how special recovery is to every single person who has ever overcome an addiction. To see one of his lovely reactions in-action, click below to watch Casey Rose as he explains the beautiful reason that we are called “Came To Pass”:

Casey Rose Co-Founder of Came To Pass

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Jasmine Jewell – on behalf of the entire Came To Pass Team <3 !